[Talk-baltics] Extending Early-bird registration deadline

Ilya Zverev zverik at textual.ru
Mon Jun 3 09:57:44 UTC 2013

Hi! I have just finished an accomodation map at 
http://sotm-baltics.org/accomodation.html . It shows 31 points, most of 
which have booking.com link and contact information: website, address, 
phone and e-mail.

Also, I've been thinking yesterday, if it would do good to extend an 
early-bird registration period by a week (until 16th). Since we now have 
a venue, we are less dependent in our planning on attendees count. But 
in several days three conferences one after another take place. There is 
a strong stream of tweets, posts and other news items about these 
conferences, in which our conference gets lost. By extending the 
early-bird registration, we give ourselves several days of undisturbed 
promotion. Those who visited one of those "big" conferences may 
reconsider flying to Tartu in August, taken away by a community spirit. 
Some may have ideas on a presentation, which they are too late to 
register with SotM in Birmingham (their CfP ends on 10th).

So, should we set the early-bird registration deadline to 16th of June, 
or leave it as is?


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