[OSM-talk-be] New project

marc sintsixtus at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 11:53:58 GMT 2010


I have been experimenting with navit.sf.net on a mini pc.  (mobii/point 
of view with ubuntu/lubuntu now)

I have bought the Marco Polo maps for 3 euros from amazon.de
(unfortunately these maps are less detailed for Belgium than for eg 
France ...)

I have used http://opentom.org on a Tomtom device for tracking.

I now have B/W maps (1/10.000) and colour topo maps (1/50.000) for 
Belgium, and still looking for a moving map application ( ! this topo 
maps are jpg/png/tif and are NOT for navigation).

I have gathered some links:


What's on Shortwave guide: choose an hour, go!
700+ Radio Stations on SW http://swstations.tk
300+ languages on SW http://radiolanguages.tk

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