[OSM-talk-be] Mapping party Turhout: Cake is ready

Ivo van den Maagdenberg ivo.vdmaagdenberg at pandora.be
Tue Mar 16 22:38:38 GMT 2010

Fellow mappers,

I am pleased to put attention to the announced mapping part on Sunday 
March 28 in Turnhout. It's because the location to meet is fixed in 
space-time (thanks Luc!), at Brasserie 't Stadspark, Parklaan 56, 
Turnhout. Open at 10:00 (summertime).

We seem to have networking, food and drinks at our disposal. Take a power 
strip with your laptop though, since I don't know if there are enough 
powerplugs for everyone ;)

Also as a side-note, but relevant to some, is the availability of 'The 
Cake' diagram, which will be used during the day to organise the mapping 
party with respect to who should or could go where. There is a Garmin 
image available base on that drawing to play with, hope it will turnout to 
be useful in Turnhout.

If you must or need you can already pick a part of the cake in advance to 
do some part before entering that morning, but leave some for others :) In 
that case update the wikipage a bit, so that we know in the morning that 
some stuff is already processed.

on the day before the event for the latest details.


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