[OSM-talk-be] Future mapping parties

Karel Adams adelco at skynet.be
Mon Mar 29 20:57:39 BST 2010

Things could perhaps have been better, still I think we may call the 
mapping party in Turnhout a success. I should like to share some 
thoughts about future parties, comments are eagerly awaited!

-) Calendar: I should be happy to see much more mapping, more parties 
would be most welcome. I will do my best to come to Deinze - is there a 
date fixed, by now? - but should like to settle for the next one 
already, after that. Luc showed me the very poor state of mapping at and 
around Hannut, and I think it is more than time some more attention was 
paid to southern Belgium. How's about last weekend of June 2010, for Hannut?

-) Organisation: precious little was done, and we did some good work 
even so. The "pie" that Ivo produced was a very nice tool, and I should 
like Ivo to be our offical piemaker from now on, until relieved by the 
next volunteer. The one thing I missed in Turnhout was a board, with the 
pie showing, and a list of "who does which part" next to it. Next step 
would be to have a real dispatcher, wearing sunglasses and an official 
OSM cap, marking the progress of the party on the board, and explaining 
it all to the press crowd.

-) Website: as already announced, I have put some effort in this idea, 
mainly hoping to get either a consensus that we don't really don't need 
our own web pages, or someone more able than myself to set this up AND 
maintain the thing - the latter is the hardest part.


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