[OSM-talk-be] Future mapping parties

Kenny Knecht kenny.knecht at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 22:03:05 BST 2010

Hi all,

Nice to hear things went ok in Turnhout.
The mapping party in Deinze is fixed at Sunday April 18. I have put a link
to cake diagram on the wiki pageand I will try to create some img files from
it for garmin users: I really liked that idea.
After we have our tracks we can gather in the ceder where we will have a
meeting room at our disposal: I didn't succeed in finding a free room with
wifi :-(. But if everyone pays a small fee we will have a really nice room
at our disposal.
So any other tips or confirmations for that Sunday: please go ahead!


PS Personally I don't think we need our own web space: the information is
less available for the international community and for newbies it's one more
place they need to out about. The main website is easily extended for our
own needs. But I didn't follow the whole discussion... If you do have some
time and energy left I feel much more need for a vzw/ASBL

2010/3/29 Karel Adams <adelco at skynet.be>

> Things could perhaps have been better, still I think we may call the
> mapping party in Turnhout a success. I should like to share some
> thoughts about future parties, comments are eagerly awaited!
> -) Calendar: I should be happy to see much more mapping, more parties
> would be most welcome. I will do my best to come to Deinze - is there a
> date fixed, by now? - but should like to settle for the next one
> already, after that. Luc showed me the very poor state of mapping at and
> around Hannut, and I think it is more than time some more attention was
> paid to southern Belgium. How's about last weekend of June 2010, for
> Hannut?
> -) Organisation: precious little was done, and we did some good work
> even so. The "pie" that Ivo produced was a very nice tool, and I should
> like Ivo to be our offical piemaker from now on, until relieved by the
> next volunteer. The one thing I missed in Turnhout was a board, with the
> pie showing, and a list of "who does which part" next to it. Next step
> would be to have a real dispatcher, wearing sunglasses and an official
> OSM cap, marking the progress of the party on the board, and explaining
> it all to the press crowd.
> -) Website: as already announced, I have put some effort in this idea,
> mainly hoping to get either a consensus that we don't really don't need
> our own web pages, or someone more able than myself to set this up AND
> maintain the thing - the latter is the hardest part.
> Regards,
> Karel.
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