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PONCELET Nadia nadia.poncelet at firebru.brussels
Wed Nov 22 12:57:27 UTC 2017

Hello everyone,

The SIAMU (fire brigade and of urgent medical aid of the Brussels Region) presently uses OpenStreetMap in several of its applications, in particular to define preferential routes for emergency vehicles in Brussels. We work at the moment with Champs Libres to ensure a regular and effective integration of OSM updates in our internal applications.

One of the problems we run into is related to street names. The SIAMU have its own dictionary of street names which we have associated with OSM road network using the 'name' tag. But we have some difficulties in maintaining this link throughout the updates.

All things considered, the best solution for us would be to add some reference identifier to every OSM highway in Brussels. That would allow us to maintain the link with our internal street dictionary, even when the tag 'name' is modified.

There are several possibilities for a reference id. We suggest choosing the national register number for public road network (made of the zip code + a road number). This code would have the advantage to be also usable outside Brussels Region. Moreover, anyone who wants to make the link between OSM and any administrative data containing this national register number could re-use it.

We would like to ask for advice to the OSM community on several questions:
- Do you think that a new tag 'ref:natreg' could be used?
- In certain cases, several numbers of national register are associated to the street (when the street follows or crosses one or several municipal limits). In this case, it is preferable to use several tags or to use a single tag with a separator (";") between the different reference numbers?
- Do you think that an automatic import of these national register numbers for Brussels Road network could be realized?

Of course, we also plan to contribute to improve OSM objects used by the emergency services. A wikipage could be created listing all the tags that we consider important for our applications. We see a real added-value in using OSM in our applications (especially in term of data updates) and we hope for a fruitful collaboration!

Nadia Poncelet (for SIAMU)
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