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The cadastral plan is now open data for the entire country!

That's pretty big because:
- for Wallonia, it's the first open vector data with parcels, buildings,
roads and road names.
- contains "underground buildings" which were not available anywhere AFAIK.
- there's a dataset with roads that have some kind of
"erfdienstbaarheid"/"servitude". This might be of use for certain dubious

But of course, please note:
- there is way more data where this came from - the attributes of the
parcel are not included (like building levels, number of units, landuse)
- Belgian cadastre data has a bad reputation in general so do not trust
everything you see. The building geometry seems to be quite poor,
especially when it comes to exact positioning, not so much the shape itself.
- do not trust road name data (it doesn't follow the CRAB name, so not
official in Flanders). Names are often abbreviated
- the roads do not form a network, there are duplicate geometries and some
geometries are outdated by half a century
- there is pretty good metadata included. However, you might find data that
does not follow the explained model

The license file is included in any download. It seems to be compatible
with OSM, but it would be nice if more people give it a good read. The
first one to use it for mapping, does need to add it to

The data is in shapefile format (boooo!), but Philippe Duchesne has made a
download site where you can get it in geopackage format. There is also a
"view" link. To actually see the data there, find the big switches to
activate the layers you want to see. The bigger ones take a while to load!

More details:
* Official website:

* Metadata:

* Repackaged into an open data format:

We think this data will only be usable for validation efforts. If you think
an import could be useful for some of the data in some places, do not
forget to follow the Import Guidelines or risk having your work reverted.

Happy mapping,
Joost Schouppe
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