[OSM-talk-be] official meeting on November 13th

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Thu Oct 25 14:12:17 UTC 2018


OpenStreetMap Belgium is now an official Chapter of the OpenStreetMap
Foundation. Time to take the organisation a bit further: so let's have an
official meeting. We would aim for the week of November 13th for this
meeting. Participation can be online (dedicated Riot channel:
https://riot.im/app/#/room/#osmbe-meetings:matrix.org) or face to face in
Brussels. The idea would be to have the usual discussions, but also have an
official agenda. Everyone who is a member (which means being on this list:
https://members.osm.be/list.php?lang=en_US) can vote; and we can vote on
anything that is on the agenda. The agenda has to be closed two weeks in
advance, so please share your ideas by October 28th.
Subjects we had in mind ourselves:

   - voting on the proposed code of conduct (

   - evaluating the board: way of working, number of members, new elections?

   - further defining what it means to be a member (minimum requierements,
   better explaining)

   - how to activate more members?

   - current priorities and are they in line with what the membership wants?

We made a meetup event for those that like that:

Anyone is welcome, but to be able to vote, you need to have been a member
for at least 60 days. You can check if you are a member on

Members will also get an invite through the membership mailing list.

All the best,
Ben, Jonathan & Joost
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