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The GRB building conflation is now in beta-testing. Join us on Riot (
https://riot.im/app/#/room/#osmbe:matrix.org - or through OFTC for IRC) if
you want to be an early adoptor.

On the imports mailing list, there were some comments on the data model we
used. In previous iterations, the toolset would at these tags to any
building of which the geometry comes from GRB:

<tag k="source:geometry:date" v="2009-12-07"/>
<tag k="source:geometry:entity" v="Gbg"/>
<tag k="source:geometry:oidn" v="2155715"/>
<tag k="source:geometry:uidn" v="2440819"/>

Glenn has simplified this to:
<tag k="source:geometry:date" v="2009-12-07"/>
<tag k="source:geometry:ref" v="Gbg/2155715"/>

These tags make it easy to use the tool for detecting missing or improvable
buildings, and for continuous maintance of the link between OSM and GRB.
Now to keep the tool simple, we'd like to change all the objects that still
have the old style tagging. Since that is an automated edit, one needs to
follow the rules (as documented here

I have written a little script to do this. It just does the simple cases,
because the complicate cases are quite rare and can probably just be done
by hand.
Everything seems to work. You can download an example changeset
(West-Vlaanderen) here: https://we.tl/t-eMdVhq239N
The sript for the parser is here:
Starts with the Overpass query you need. Sorry, the code is written in
SPSS. That's just the language I speak best.
If noone objects (and I get some confirmation it doesn't have stupid
mistakes), I will do this province-by-province or in smaller chuncks if
necessary. It takes just a few minutes to get from download to upload, so I
don't foresee any editing conflicts.

use my "joost schouppe import" account. I'll add a little section to the
main GRB project wiki pages (https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/GRBimport)
about this edit and refer that in the changeset comments.

Joost Schouppe
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