[Talk-bo] Departamentos de Bolivia

Marco Antonio marcoantoniofrias en gmail.com
Jue Dic 5 19:13:51 UTC 2013

On Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 11:29 AM, Roman Neumüller <email en katpatuka.org> wrote:
> I managed to revive at least the departaments of Bolivia...

Thanks, After removal of administrative boundaries, I was talking to
GeoBolivia and some government agencies to grant us permission to
import the data into OSM

> Users in Bolivia (and talk-bo) seem not to be very active...

Yes, I think there are many impediments in the Bolivian population to
use the Internet and these tools: a) cost of Internet access very
expensive (1Mbps ~ 48USD), b) <10% of the population has access to the
Internet from your home / work / study, c) most Internet users do not
use email, iRC, forums, and directly began with FaceBook, d) the
population lacks emotion, motivation or enthusiasm for hobbies ...
their form of fun is spending their money on pagan religious
festivals, drinking alcohol excessively and eat any traditional thing.

> There are still tons of rivers with bing imagery to be traced -
> which oftenly are boundaries of provinces...

There is much work to be done. The OSM community in Cochabamba
(@osmcbba) has prioritized mapping in urban areas, then the next year
(2014) will the rural area. We need open data, but we're working on

> BTW: there's a wms service from GeoBolivia -
> Infraestructura de de Datos Espaciales del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia
> one can use in josm

The service is new, the data are not exact, but it's a start.

Thank you for all the work you did :)

Marco Antonio

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