[Talk-bo] Coberturas Landsat8 de Bolivia / was Bolivian Floods

Jean-Guilhem Cailton jgc en arkemie.com
Dom Feb 9 19:43:15 UTC 2014


Después de una pregunta de Humberto, una cobertura Landsat-8 de Bolivia
esta disponible, en "colores naturales" (rojo, verde y azul - Landsat
canales 4, 3 y 2), y también en "falsas colores" (infrarrojo, infrarrojo
cercano y verde - Landsat canales 7, 5 y 3), como sugerido por
Harrierco. (Para mapear la Amazonia, esa hace mas visibles los ríos).

Las imágenes tienen menos de 10% de nubes, y fueron tomadas entre
augusto 2013 y febrero 2014.

URL para JOSM :



After a request from Humberto, a Landsat-8 cover of Bolivia is
available, in "natural colors" (red, green and blue - 4, 3 and 2 Landsat
bands), and also in "false colors" (infrared, near infrared, and green -
7, 5 and 3 Landsat bands), as suggested by Harrierco. (This makes water
more visible).

The images have less than 10% cloud cover, and were taken between August
2013 and February 2014.


Thanks to USGS for allowing on-demand processing of these images while
Landsat-8 cache reprocessing with improved calibration is on-going.

Best wishes,


Après une demande d'Humberto, une couverture Landsat-8 de Bolivie est
disponible, en "couleurs naturelles" (rouge, vert et bleu - canaux
Landsat 4, 3 et 2), et aussi en "fausses couleurs" (infrarouge, proche
infrarouge et vert - canaux Landsat 7, 5 et 3), comme suggéré par
Harrierco. (Cette combinaison rend l'eau plus visible).

Les images contiennent moins de 10% de nuages, et ont été prises entre
août 2013 et février 2014.

URL pour JOSM:

Bien cordialement,

Le 07/02/2014 15:20, hyances en gmail.com a écrit :
> I just asked to Bolivian OSM Community (talk-bo) regarding GPS data to
> share with OSM, crossing fingers.
> Humberto
> 2014-02-07 Jonas Shorn <shornjonas en googlemail.com
> <mailto:shornjonas en googlemail.com>>:
>     Hi all,
>     for task job 419 (Trinidad, Beni) there seems to be an off-set
>     with the current satellite imagery when digitizing in iD.
>     Are there any gps data to use for alignment or other solutions?
>     Thanks much,
>     SvendJ
>     2014-02-06 Ariel Nunez <ingenieroariel en gmail.com
>     <mailto:ingenieroariel en gmail.com>>:
>         Hello all,
>         Since October last year, Bolivia has been hit with heavy
>         flooding. 42.000 families are estimated to have been affected
>         and 40 people have lost their lives.
>         Based on the request from Fernando Molina, who represents
>         GeoBolivia/Vicepresidency and with information from Capitán
>         Carlos Mariaca from the Viceministry of Defense
>         (SINAGER/Defensa Civil) we used Pierre Béland's help to set up
>         the following tasks:
>         http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/419  (Trinidad, Beni)
>         http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/417  (Chapare, Cochabamba)
>         http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/418  (Ixiamas, La Paz)
>         The idea is to get help with tracing buildings, waterways and
>         roads. Any help will be greatly appreciated and used by the
>         relevant authorities responding to the event. We will now
>         extend the call for action to the relevant spanish speaking
>         OSM mailing list and try to organice mapping parties for local
>         volunteers.
>         Thanks in advance,
>         Ariel Núñez
>         GFDRR Labs
>         Global Facility For Disaster Reduction and Recovery
>         The World Bank

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