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Thank you Marco,

I'm copying my colleague Blake Girardot, we will begin to look over these areas of interest and see what we think. If imagery is needed, we can put in a request and see what happens.

Please do reach out if anyone has further information, or you are welcome to join us on the HOT Slack (http://slack.hotosm.org/) #disaster-mapping channel to chat with our team in real time. We are still waiting to hear back from the requesting organization with more details of their needs.

I will make sure we message this list when we have any updates or publish any mapping projects,

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On February 12, 2018 5:59:36 PM UTC, russell.deffner en hotosm.org wrote:
>Forgive the message in English. I am Russell Deffner with the 
>Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT <http://hotosm.org/> ) and we are 
>addressing a request for basemap data of the area affected by the 
>recent flooding in Bolivia.

hi russell, this month several floods and landslides have occurred in the central, eastern and southern regions in bolivia

Unfortunately, most of us only have references from places but not from specific areas given the hermeticism of the official information from the Civil Defence Office and the low quality of specific information in the local press

specifically there are problems in:

1. urban area around the river tupiza, in tupiza, potosi https://osm.org/go/NgNgJVfB--?m=

2. urban area around the river taquiña in tiquipaya, cochabamba https://osm.org/go/NhW5ti84--?m=

flooding in the beni (approximate point)

urban area flooded around the river rocha, en vinto, cochabamba https://osm.org/go/NhWn01K1--?m=

we have been intensive mapping rivers, riverbanks, highways, buildings in tupiza (1) and tiquipaya (2), but we need more recent satellite images :(

landslide in tiquipaya (2) is the one that affected the largest number of people and dwellings, some ~700 people and ~100 homes destroyed

I personally was mapping these places but now I can no longer help because my laptop is broken, maybe some local person can help us manage tasks....


Marco Antonio

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