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Quinta Setembro 11 02:17:19 BST 2008

I will try to repeate it in Portuguese under, if you don't understand my
Portuguese, read the English.

I am a Norwegian living in Guarapari, Espirito Santo. Have been mapping
since April 2008 when I got myself a GPS. My father have been mapping on
OSM for some time, and put me on the idea of doing survey in Brazil. I am
mainly mapping from car, but also some by foot. I use various sources to
verify my information, such as GPS Map software utilizing google maps and
yahoo maps, image overlay and so on. Most edits done in JOSM, though some
quick fixes have been done in Potlach, I have reasently installde
Merkaartor, but havn't started editing with it.

Eu sou Noruegese e morro na Guarapari, Espirito Santo. Inicio fazendo
mapas em Abril 2008. Meu pai que fazendo mapas no OSM muito tempo disse
Brasil faltou muito areas no OSM e eu fui inicio. Recordar muito com carro
e pouco em pe. Utilicar differente programas para verificar meu trabalho.
Editar com JOSM, mas fixas rapidas poder fazendo com Potlach. So
instalando Merkaartor, mas nao ainda usando para editar.

Aun Johnsen

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