[Talk-br] Re-2: Importaçao Orelhâos

Christian Sponheuer | GeoBahia Ser cs em geobahia.net.br
Sexta Dezembro 24 05:45:38 GMT 2010


yea it only works with Internet Explorer. However if we'd get a agreement i would do the import script.
It is about 530.000 phone booths just for Telemar. The geolocation is included in detail as WGS Minutes.

For import i should load the actual dump and export the booths with osmosis and check for the next
phone booth. If no is in a range of 100 Meter, it will be added.

The best to come: Details like adress and phone number is included as well as the information if the
booth can make long distance calls.

This is worth to import ... However first somebody with native language skills should kiss the ass of
anatel before we're dreaming about import... ;-)

Here's a data example with IE:

Even great to locate cep codes!

Feliz natal para todos!
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Subject: Re: [Talk-br] Importaçao Orelhâos (24-Dez-2010 2:31)
From:    Arlindo Pereira <openstreetmap at arlindopereira.com>
To:      cs at geobahia.net.br

Wow, Christian, thanks for coming with this! I had such a hard work to map cellphones here on Rio! :P 

Unfortunately I couldn't browse the information with either Firefox or Chromium; probably the page only works on Internet Explorer. Will try asap from a Windows machine.


Em 24 de dezembro de 2010 03:01, Christian Sponheuer | GeoBahia Ser <cs at geobahia.net.br> escreveu:

Oi gente,

na este site Anatel tem uma sistema com todos Orelhão no Brasil com Endereço, Numero de Telefone e outras dados. Uma gente aqui quero perguntar ta pode additionar os dados no Openstreetmap (Minha portuguese e ruim mesmo...)



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