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Bráulio Bezerra da Silva brauliobezerra em gmail.com
Segunda Julho 12 02:47:20 BST 2010

Eu testei e parece funcionar muito bem. E, como o Richard mencionou, haverá
a possibilidade de criar "barras de ferramentas" personalizadas. Isso pode
ser muito útil para nós aqui do Brasil.

2010/7/11 vitor <vitor.george em gmail.com>

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> From: Richard Fairhurst <richard em systemed.net>
> Date: Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 3:57 AM
> Subject: [OSM-talk] Potlatch 2 Public Alpha
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> Hi all,
> (Deep breath)
> I'm delighted to unveil a test version of Potlatch 2, the all-new,
> completely rewritten version of OpenStreetMap's online editor.
> You can play with it at http://www.geowiki.com/ . It talks to the main OSM
> server and you can make real edits with it.
> This is a public alpha. This means it's an early version of the software
> and there are lots of bugs in it. Performance leaves a whole lot to be
> desired. It _will_ eat your memory, and it may freeze up or crash. Presets
> for ways don't generally have icons - either that or they're a bit sketchy.
> There's no documentation.
> It's an experimental release for people who already have experience using
> Potlatch and know what they're doing. It's not for newbies - yet!
> But here's some of the cool stuff it does:
> - super friendly tagging system
> - WYSIWYG map display with names on roads and the like
> - powerful editing tools like 'make right-angled', 'create parallel line'
> and so on
> - vector backgrounds so you can manually bring in .osm files, shapefiles
> and so on
> - dedicated turn restriction and route editors
> - really good relations support
> It's not just a general-purpose editor: you can use it to create your own
> editor with your favourite presets, icons, backgrounds and rendering.
> Everything is in easily configurable files, and it talks OAuth so people can
> log into the OSM server securely from outside. We hope that people will use
> it to build cycle-specific editors, public transport editors, "fix unnamed
> roads" editors... all of that. It's a foundation for people to do more cool
> stuff with OSM.
> Potlatch 2 has only been possible thanks to the contributions, in
> particular, of Dave Stubbs and Andy Allan. Dave has built a terrific
> architecture for the program in general, way beyond anything I could ever
> think up, and in particular for the tagging system. Andy has given it a
> relation editor so much more powerful than P1 ever had, niggled away at a
> zillion little bugs, and given the project the impetus it needed. Lots of
> other people have helped as well: Twain47 (Mr Nominatim) contributed some
> excellent icons, Matt wrote the superb quadrilateralise function, Shaun
> added Big Concrete Blocks et al to the presets, and loads of others have
> helped. I'm delighted to only be one of the cast and think it augurs really
> well for the future.
> So what now?
> You _will_ find a really obvious bug about five seconds into using it. I
> guarantee it. Please use the wiki pages to report it:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Potlatch_2 . There's three pages for
> filing bugs so we can prioritise which to fix first.
> It's all open source (obviously) in a proper language (ActionScript 3) with
> a real framework (Flex) and an open source compiler (Flex Open Source SDK).
> If you would like to get involved with coding it: \o/, woo and yay.
> If you'd like just to improve the presets and the stylesheets, \o/ woo and
> yay too - you don't need to program for that. We have a mailing list,
> potlatch-dev (http://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/potlatch-dev) to
> talk about development of whatever stripe. And the stylesheet language,
> MapCSS, is racing on - but more of that anon.
> Hope you enjoy it. Look forward to the feedback.
> cheers
> Richard
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