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Muito legal, funciona pro Brasil também.

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So we pushed out an update to the open.mapquest.co.uk and other sites today

blog post about it here:

but in short(ish) form:

a) Right-click anywhere to see the closest feature in the map data

b) Editing links:
 - in the pop-up window, choose Potlatch 2 or JOSM to open the editor where
you clicked
 - "Edit" button in top-right of map display opens Potlatch 2 on the map
you're looking at
 - "Edit this location" link in the left-side panel under each search
result, to open Potlatch 2

c) Send-to website (AKA Embed map on website)
 - click on the "Send to" button above the left panel, next to the print
button. the Website tab gives you an iframe snippet you can drop on to a web
page that will display that map on your web page

d) Potlatch 2 update
 - got a new build up there - includes the build number now YAY
 - ALSO includes MOUSE SCROLL WHEEL SUPPORT!! Thanks Andy!
(unless you're on Safari.  If anyone has Steve Jobs' email, feel free to
email him about it)
 - and we've applied a MapQuest skin to it, so its all brand-ified (oooh

Hope you like it. Feedback, as always, greatly appreciated


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