[Talk-br] CBERS 2B images

Jean-Guilhem Cailton jgc em arkemie.com
Quinta Janeiro 13 23:34:20 GMT 2011

A set of CBERS 2B HRC 2.5 m panchromatic images around Teresopolis is 
available here (for 5 days) :

Unfortunately, like often, there is a lot of clouds.

I am going to start georeferencing one of them (probably 150_A_125_3), 
but i really need to sleep and i don't know how far i'll get. So feel 
free to help georeferencing a few of them.

(I use QGIS georeferencing module to define about 9 ground control 
points for each image, and gdal to reproject (to epsg:4326) and warp 
them. GCP coordinate files could be exchanged if several work on this. 
Landsat can be useful for getting the lat/lon coordinates of control 


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