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Acabei de saber que estão usando o OSM pra auxiliar as Filipinas após o
tufão, bem como usaram nos terremotos do Haiti.

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Repassando e-mail da Mariana,



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Olhem o e-mail abaixo com o pedido de força tarefa. Vou contribuir...

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Subject: A Call to Action: Digitize Imagery for the Philippines
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*A message to the UR Community:*

Typhoon Yolanda has had a devastating impact on the Philippines. Thousands
are feared dead and many more have been affected by one of the strongest
storms on record. The work required to respond and recover from this event
will be massive.

*One way that you can help is by contributing to OpenStreetMap (OSM).* OSM
is a free and open map of the world that everyone can access and contribute
to. Right now, hundreds of volunteers from all over the world are working
together to digitize roads, buildings, and other features from satellite
imagery made freely available by Microsoft and the US State Department's
Humanitarian Information Unit. With the coordination of our partners at the
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, the geographic information they are
creating is already being used by the Red Cross, the United Nations and
other responding organizations working in the Philippines. There is more
work to be done and the Understanding Risk Community is uniquely positioned
to help.

*To get started, you can: *

- Visit the project coordination page for more information:

- Login to OSM Tasking Manager (OpenStreetMap account required) and click
on a task to contribute:

-If you have any questions or want to learn more you can join the mailing
list of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team:

- *If you are in DC **and want to help the Philippines Typhoon response,
contribute to **@OpenStreetMap
<http://vx.worldbank.org/t/3733069/29435593/68207/0/>** at **@CrisisCamp
<http://vx.worldbank.org/t/3733069/29435593/68208/0/>** this Saturday
- **https://www.eventbrite.com/e/crisiscamp-philippines-washington-dc-tickets-9289145083

*Thank you,*

*Understanding Risk*

OSM data for Tacloban, Philippines

Credit @rbanick

For more information on Understanding Risk (UR):
Watch the UR2012 Overview

Become a community member today:

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Global Facility for Disaster Reduction & Recovery. To opt out of future
mailings click here <http://vx.worldbank.org/t/3733069/29435593/42891/0/>

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CEPED/RS - www.ceped.org
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