[Talk-br] Removal of data from Eduardo Francis Batista

Gerald Weber gweberbh em gmail.com
Domingo Outubro 6 18:28:54 UTC 2013

Dear Paul

thank you very much for taking care of this. There was some discussion in
Talk-BR on how to revert these old contributions without breaking too many
things, but I am afraid we arrived at no better solution than the one you
are suggesting.

Unfortunately, I can not offer to help on this, I have absolutely no idea
how to perform a redaction.

Sadly, we are stumbling almost on a daily basis on data that might have
been copied from Google in one way or another. One user told me he did not
knew this was not allowed. Curiously, this user had collected the data on
his own, being a local resident, but he decided to use the same exact
wording for a highway as used by Google thinking that he was sticking to
some sort of standard. I told him no to, but clearly there seems to be a
major communication problem here. Any ideas on how we could prevent this to
happen *before* people enter the data into the map?

again, many thanks for your help and best wishes


On 6 October 2013 04:48, Paul Norman <penorman em mac.com> wrote:

> Awhile back the DWG had complaints of Eduardo Francis Batista using Google
> Earth aerial imagery to generate OSM data. We were hoping that someone
> would
> be able to identify data of his which could be kept, but no one has come
> forward with a list of what contributions of his aren't Google-derived so
> unfortunately it looks like the best option is to remove (redact) all of
> his
> contributions. This will take each object, sort out what he contributed and
> what others contributed, and remove what he did.
> I plan to do this in the next week unless someone can come up with an
> alternate plan.
> Paul Norman
> For the Data Working Group
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