[Talk-br] That Shouldn't Be Possible™ coverage extended to Brazil

Robert Scott lists em humanleg.org.uk
Domingo Maio 11 11:51:16 UTC 2014

Hello Brazil,

My GPS trace analyzer, That Shouldn't Be Possible™ has recently extended its reach beyond the british isles & benelux to cover Brazil too.

Its purpose? To accept a GPS trace of a drive/cycle you've gone for, analyze the journey against the routable OSM database and, if appropriate, say "That Shouldn't Be Possible". Used like this, it can find quite a lot of routing problems or road segments missing from the database.

It can also be used to take the hard work out of checking the OSM database against your trace after a long journey by flagging up sections that don't quite agree with OSM. Or perhaps more importantly for Brazil, sections in remote areas that aren't in OSM yet.

Not quite sure whether you've got that complex junction interlinked and tagged right? Have a gps trace or two that traverses it? That Shouldn't Be Possible might be able to help you.

An example analysis result can be seen here[1]: I've left a nice great big error (visible as a spike in the plot) in the middle of it as an example where the trace seems to traverse what's marked as a path.

I've written a lot more about it on the wiki[2], so I'm not going to duplicate all that blather here. It's still in what I would call a prototype stage, but it works surprisingly well for "motorcar" traces (less so for bicycle so far, though I would say that's largely the fault of the current state of OSRM's bicycle profile). Even so[3] I encourage mappers to try it out[4] on one of their traces.


[1] http://ris.dev.openstreetmap.org/tsbp-proto/779918/2/2/
[2] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/That_Shouldnt_Be_Possible
[3] Especially so - I need testers.
[4] http://ris.dev.openstreetmap.org/tsbp-proto/

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