[Talk-br] village without a name

Andreas Schmidt schmidt-postfach em freenet.de
Sexta Outubro 10 10:43:51 UTC 2014


I am mapping in an area where there are some villages and streets not
present yet.

( -16.74017013027286, -39.75862524342972 )
is a village which did not exist in OSM before I started mapping.
It appears to be close to the border between Prefeitura de Guaratinga
and Município of Itamaraju.

The IBGE layer „Mapa de Stores Rurais“ gives me a pink inscription „Esc.
Mul. Vila Uniáo“
(Sorry, I am unable to reproduce the „a“ with a „~“ on it.)

„Vila Uniao“ can be found in the internet, but not in Bahia state.

So, of course, my question is: What name can I write for this village?

Thank you

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