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Subject: [OSM-talk] New features in iD - looking for feedback and beta
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Hi Everyone… It’s been a busy few months for the iD team, and we have a
handful of new features that will be launching soon.  We’d love to get some
mappers to beta test and provide feedback!

These features are available now by using the latest development branch of
iD hosted at http://openstreetmap.us/iD/master/
Please try them out and report any issues or questions on our Github issue
tracker:  https://github.com/openstreetmap/iD/issues

- Copy and Paste selected features with ⌘-C and ⌘-V

- Conflict Resolution
iD will now check if any of your modifications conflict with edits made by
other users, and will present you with a UI to see the difference and
choose how to resolve the conflict.

- Smarter Way Movement
When moving a connected way, iD will now slide the moving way along the
non-moving way, rather than “zorroing” the connection point.

- Don’t delete ways that are part of a route/boundary Relation
This will prevent a bunch of breaking edits to relations - Thanks RichardF!

- Map-In-Map
You can now bring up a locator mini-map with the ‘/‘ key.  By default it
displays the current area but zoomed out by -6.  Zoom and pan the mini-map
to quickly find and move to different locations.


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