[Talk-br] Se VOCÊ vier, o WeeklyOSM estará em pt-br

Michael Reichert nakaner em gmx.net
Quinta Junho 25 08:35:41 UTC 2015

Hi wille,

Am 2015-06-25 um 00:29 schrieb wille:
> I didn't say WeeklyOSM is less important than OSMF blog. I just have a
> opinion that it is important to produce more content in Portuguese,
> because I estimate that at least 70% of the links in WeeklyOSM are to
> texts written in English.

WeeklyOSM contains so few texts in other languages than English and
German because the team of German Wochennotiz only speaks German and
English (+ one or two members who can read French). The Czech WeeklyOSM
is an example who a translation team can add additional local news (i.e.
dicussions at talk-cz list). Local teams who translate WeeklyOSM in
their language can also give back their own news to Wochennotiz. We
would like to add more content from all over the world but we do not
have time and people to read all these talk-* lists via Google Translator.

Btw, Wochennotiz and WeeklyOSM are available under CC-BY-SA (image may
have a different license).

Best regards


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