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It looks like talk-br has no moderator or the moderator is not
Willingshausen ti forward this E-Mail. Therefore I allow me to forward a
message from Madalina.

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Von: "Madalina Ionescu" <madalinaionescu79 em gmail.com>
Datum: 24.06.2015 19:33
Betreff: reply to Willie regarding weeklyosm translation
An: <talk-br em openstreetmap.org>
Cc: "Manfred A. Reiter" <ma.reiter em gmail.com>

> Hi Willie, everyone,
> I am Madalina, I am from Romania and I am a member of weeklyosm team and
I apologize for writing in English.
> I understand by all means the need and the importance of an official
point of view of the OSMF and the CWG. At the same time, I respect Willie'
s opinion that it might be better to translate the official blog. What
puzzeles me is the explanation: how is this official blog the only link to
OSM news?
> The use of the word only troubles me a lot, moreover taking in
consideration that this is the statement of a member of CWD and an expert
in communication. I thought of OSM as a community where individual opinions
are respected and encouraged, where a diversity of sources of information
is desired, no master plan to follow, no unique voice to listen to.
> WeeklyOSM is a voice and a source of news for the OSM world, not an
official one, not the best of them. Everyone is free to read it, to
contribute to it, or not. It was started as a translation of the excellent
(in my opinion) Wochennotiz in English, Spanish, Turkish and Romanian and
since then members of others national communities joined, Japanese, French,
Czech, Indonesian.
> P.S: By your definition, this : User Wille talks in his user diary about
an OSM meetup in Brasília. (Google Translator) does not qualifys as OSM
news; we thought
> differently, see here: http://www.weeklyosm.eu/
<http://www.weeklyosm.eu/archives/date/2015/02/page/2> and that is the
beauty of it :)
> Best regards,
> Madalina
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