[Talk-ca] Tagging of Street names.

Corey Burger corey.burger at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 05:27:00 BST 2008

On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 12:24 AM, Gerald A <geraldablists at gmail.com> wrote:
> James Ewen said:
> >  The thread died before anyone actually discussed the
> > North/East/South/West portion...
> > [...]
> > The wiki mentions that the named street type should be spelt out in
> > full. ie. Street, Avenue, Place, Way, Crescent.
> > As for the quadrant dilemma, I have been going with the abbreviation.
> > Nearly all of Edmonton is in the NW quadrant, with a small portion in
> > the NE, and now a growing section in the SW. There is no SE section to
> > Edmonton yet. All of the proper addressing is done with the
> > abbreviated version used, such as NW rather than spelt out Northwest
> > (also note, it would not be North West)
> My feeling would be that these too should be spelled out, to be consistent
> with the rest of the data. If we don't abbreviate Street and Avenue, it
> doesn't make sense to abbreviate direction indications.
> Just my 2 cents. :)

Spelling them out means that it is clear that E means East, etc. Plus,
the renderer can always shorten East to E and Street to St., if
needed. Going the other way is more tricking, especially with names
with Saint in street names.


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