[Talk-ca] Geogratis vs. GeoBase

Brent Fraser bfraser at geoanalytic.com
Tue Dec 9 03:51:09 GMT 2008


  It sounds like you're interested in CanVec (the successor to the NTDB). 
The license agreement is the same as for the Road Network.   And it's
organized on NTS sheets:


Brent Fraser
GeoAnalytic Inc.

> Hi,Wondering if anyone has contacted GeoGratis directly??
> From my understanding, GeoBase is from Natural Resources Canada. .. So im
> wondering if all the data that is available on the
> http://geogratis.cgdi.gc.ca/geogratis/en/index.html site, as well as
> GeoConnections http://www.geoconnections.org/en/index.html
> and GeoConnections Discovery Portal
> http://geodiscover.cgdi.ca/gdp/index.jsp?language=en
> So is it safe to assume that we can go ahead and plan for the import of
> available data, and work to figure out what specific data that we want to
> import? As its just the street map land and water features that were
> interested in. .. but also different land use. ie. park areas, national
> railway lines, hydro lines.
> I would like to start making a chart of the exact place to get all this
> data
> from.
> Thanks
> Sam Vekemans
> Across Canada Trails
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