[Talk-ca] Biking networks in Canada

Alan McConchie almccon at ofb.net
Mon Jul 7 22:20:51 BST 2008

Yes, it is a hack.  It's also an example of tagging for the renderers:  
since our states and provinces are roughly similar in area to European  
countries, it makes sense to render US state networks at the same zoom  
levels as European national networks.  Perhaps if there is an EU-wide  
cycle network it should be rendered the same as national networks for  
the US and Canada?

It doesn't really matter to me if we create a new state/province tag.   
Oh, and we should also perhaps check what the Australians are doing.

No opinion about the TCT, but I suppose you're right.


On Jul 6, 2008, at 11:56 PM, Corey Burger wrote:

> This feels like a hack to me. I might be better to create a
> State/Provincial Cycle Network tag to hold these. For that matter,
> would the TCT not be an unofficial NCN?
> Corey
> On Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 10:05 PM, Alan McConchie <almccon at ofb.net>  
> wrote:
>> We might want to consider how they're doing things down in the  
>> States.
>> Given that it is unlikely that there will ever be a National Cycling
>> Network in the US in the foreseeable future, they're using NCN for  
>> statewide
>> networks, and RCN for county-level networks.
>> It looks like that's what they're doing in Quebec; those NCN  
>> numbers seem to
>> match the Quebec-wide Route Verte network:
>> http://www.routeverte.com/rv/index_e.php
>> I'd suggest we do the same as they're doing in Quebec and in the  
>> US, and use
>> NCN for provincial networks (in provinces where they exist) and use  
>> RCN, as
>> you suggest, for anything between municipality and province.
>> Alan
>> On Jul 6, 2008, at 9:26 PM, Corey Burger wrote:
>>> I have noticed there is a bit of NCN tagged in Quebec:
>>> http://www.gravitystorm.co.uk/osm/?zoom=6&lat=5628088.92068&lon=-8150498.30794&layers=B00
>>> However, I am terribly confused, as it is tagged as NCN 8. AFAIK,
>>> there is National Cycling network in Canada. Am I mistaken?
>>> Anyway, I have tagged the Galloping Goose and Lochside Regional  
>>> Trails
>>> here in Victoria as RCN or regional cycle network:
>>> http://openstreetmap.org/?lat=48.43248&lon=-123.37742&zoom=16
>>> (not yet visible)
>>> So I propose the following:
>>> NCN - we leave blank for now
>>> RCN - This is any cycle network beyond a single municipality, such  
>>> as
>>> the GG and LRT here in Victoria
>>> LCN - any municipal efforts, such as the Saanich Centennial Trails
>>> here in Victoria
>>> (and yes, as most of Canada has nowhere near the cycling
>>> infrastructure as here in Victoria, I realize some of this is
>>> academic)
>>> Corey
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