[Talk-ca] PDF mapbook atlas for Canada

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 22:07:47 BST 2008

Thanks Simon,
Looks like its technically possable. :)
... I imagine that each page could be wiki based, and essentially a
screenshot of each page (saved as a PDF) and sent to Lulu ... Because the
process requires identical mouse clicks to produce the updates.  some kind
of program could be made to automate it.(perl) .. ie. in JOSM the act of
selecting an area and looking up the latest from the server, and producing a
'Snapshot' of the map.  ... large areas can be grabbed which dont have towns
around it and rendered just like a small section of a busy town. ... so the
same process for making the UK map... but much bigger and different scales.
... Awsome to know that it IS possable, and that there are programmers out
there who know how todo it.  ... im sure eventually someone will be able to
turn that description into english :) lol.   It could be OSM Canada
publishing.... built and edited by all the users. :)
... i imagine its possable to make the book with less than 100 pages.

And yes, your right ill be in contact with others who are building one
before doing anything from scratch.

BTW, im now about 1/2 way done the 4th track across canada from the Trans
Canada Trails GPX file of the estimated route. ... unfortunatly because the
origional sources are unknown, and the points dont have elevation attached,
this can only be used as a guide. ..  but fortunatly there is a high
probability that the tracks in the file do actually run on abandond railway
lines. :)

BTW2 if this map book is of interest to anyone, feel free to post ideas on
the Canada wiki project site.  We can start out with points and ideas and
work from there :)

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