[Talk-ca] Garmin Maps made from OSM listed on MapCenter2

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 00:05:35 BST 2008

I noticed that Montreal seems to be the only city in Canada which has a
garmin map of the city posted to http://Mapcenter2.cgpsmapper.com with a
source reference to OSM.

I am wondering who uploaded this file, and also if we can have a list
growing of all the cities which other people are working on, to have those
maps made into a downloadable garmin map. .. so then this way (unfortunatly
mapcenter is not wiki, so others cant add on maps to an existing mapset) so
its the person who uploaded it would be responsable to update this map for
everyone to download.
Or maybe someone out there knows how todo it easily? ..

Seing as how this is the final product, showing this map on the garmin .. ..
there is no sence on having more than 1 person doing the compiling for the
same area.

.. and perhaps this (compiled from OSM), garmin map can be made available on
eaach cities page? .. and the overall list can be shown on the main Canada

Happy mapping,
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