[Talk-ca] OpenAerialMap for geoBase Data? Yahoo! Image 2006 i-cubed?

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Thu Jul 24 23:02:09 BST 2008

Thanks Richard, and All

And many thanks for the update & summery.  I have updated the WikiProject
Canada page with a summery which reflects the last few days of discussion.
Feel free to edit it if you like.

Happy Mapping,

P.S. Horray! I think i can switch topics now, to not clutter this list :)

24 July 2008 (UTC) The Ibycus Topo
http://ibycus.com/ibycustopo/ is directly derived from the GeoBase Website,
it can be downloaded onto the Garmin as whole mapset for Canada. (updated)
using Kosmos it lets you view Landsat images as well as OpenAerialMaps. ..
OpenTopoMaps is a similar site, perhaps the GeoBase attribution could be
listed there?

24 July 2008 (UTC) With many thanks to everyone on the talk-ca
discussion list, the latest update is this.

   - The reason GeoBase Data is not yet on OSM is because of the differences
   in the OpenStreetMap
Commons Attribution Share Alike license) and GeoBase
   Unrestricted Use License
   - The OSM Foundation and GeoBase are currently working on the best way to
   incorporate this data; For both the physical map, and the intellectual
   vision for OSM.
   - OSM Foundation & Geobase are aware that there are many options with the
   use of add-ons (such as layers, programs & websites) to OSM.
   - Progress looks promising, and so, because it involves the Government of
   Canada, and a Legal Entity (OpenStreetMap Foundation). .. it takes time..
   but when it is done, it will be very clear.
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