[Talk-ca] Lowzooms + Cleanup of place names in western Canada

James Ewen jewen at shaw.ca
Tue Mar 11 13:31:52 GMT 2008

On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 12:42 AM, Jason Reid
<osm at bowvalleytechnologies.com> wrote:

>  Any  of the fields that are in the gns: namespace were simplyfields from
>  the master dataset that were present from the import. Really the only
>  fields that are needed are the place=(town|city|village|suburb) and then
>  name= to display the name.

Does the name rendering size and associated zoom level it is displayed
at get based on the place designation?

> If a name was a former town, which I've ran
>  into a few times in Calgary for the towns of Forest Lawn, Bowness and
>  Ogden are now part of the city, probably just change it to place=suburb
>  which will render at a much higher zoom level only.

I'll have to run through Edmonton, as most of the old neighborhoods
are listed as towns rather than neighborhoods.

> Cases such as places
>  within Strathcona county are currently set how they were simply because
>  if they are all rendered as their official legal status they won't show
>  up.

So we need to call Sherwood Park a city simply due to the urban size?

> Fort MacMurray is like this as well, since technically the city of
>  Fort MacMurray doesn't exist in any legal status but thats what its
>  referred to still. It's a judgement call that most maps have had to make.

Fort McMurray was a city from 1980 to 1995, but then merged back into
the RM of Wood Buffalo to take advantage of the transfer payments
available from the provincial and federal governments, similar to what
Strathcona County did with Sherwood Park.

>  The grey background that shows on the zoom8-10 on the mapnik isn't
>  actually coming from the osm data itself, rather from another dataset
>  that is used by mapnik that also contains the older vmap0 coastline data
>  that is slowly being phased out.

Aha, that makes sense... it is the same shape that I have seen on
older datasets, and I could not find a reference to it anywhere on the

Is it common to create a city limit outline that would be filled with
a background colour? We have the limits of Edmonton drawn out, and I
would like to have the city limits filled when at zoom level 10 or
higher. This would give an effect similar to the provincial maps,
where you see the city as a shape. Currently, the city dissappears
when you zoom out due to the fact that most of the major highways
degrade down to lower level highways inside the city, which aren't
rendered at lower zoom levels. This makes it look like a big hole in
the map where the city should be.


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