[Talk-ca] Randonneur data?

Mike Sherman mike.sherman at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 2 22:00:22 BST 2008

I just joined this list.  I live in Cleveland, OH, USA but
I travel frequently to Ontario and about once a year to 
Alberta.  I have recorded and uploaded a few traces in Ontario 
and in the last few years.  

It struck me that that participants of my other hobby, 
Randonneuring, might be enlisted to contribute data to OSM.

Randonneuring is long distance bicycling.  Randonneurs
commonly ride 200 km to 1200 km rides.  They are often riding
the smaller roads that don't get mapped as quickly by mappers
in cars.  Many of them already carry GPS'.  Their routes are 
defined by queue sheets that consist of a table of turns, 
distances, and road names (as marked on the ground).  So the 
combination of the trace and the queue sheet would be great 

I'm writing here to ask how to get these groups together.
I know there are active Randonneur clubs in Alberta, BC,
and Ontario.  There are probably clubs in all provinces.

I'm on the email list for Randonneurs Ontario
and I was going to suggest to the list that members with
GPS' start recording traces.

If some take up the suggestion, how best should the trace
be linked to a queue sheet for the route it follows?  If
they get involved and start entering map data, even better!

-Mike in Cleveland, OH, USA

  Mike Sherman	                          <mike.sherman at earthlink.net>

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