[Talk-ca] Thank-you OpenStreetMap -Canada WikiMAP Ver 3.04 is now available

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 06:57:18 BST 2008

Yes, its confirmed - we have lift off :)

Although it hasnt reached orbiting altitude with an automatic
perfection update module ~ it just got 1 more step better.

OpenStreetMap coverage of; Yukon (Dawson City to the arctic circle),
Queen charlotte island and the yellow head start, all vancouver
island, lower mainland vancouver, calgary, crowsnest pass, sault ste
marie ONT.
The trans canada trail and pavilions with cool POI icons.
The Across Canada Trails hiking route.
Cool new -all Vancouver island  camping sites.
All the point markers for the Bruce trail in ontario.

When we reach cruising altitude, (sept 20th osm canada WikiMAP day) we
will have all the major cities and minor towns listed and upto date as
of the week before. We should have a good start on the SRTM topo with
(say 100m contours?)

Anyway, the download is available on Mapcenter2.cgpsmapper.com in the
'unofficial Trans Canada Trail' mapset.

Thankyou to the 1,453 downloads  so far! ~this is my encouragement to
keep going! :@)

if your working on the map of your city/town and have alot done that
its time you want to share; PLEASE -make an IMG File as big as you
can, zipit and email it to me, then i can add it to the map for next
There is no longer any need to be concerned with exact tile size or
naming (if it all goes to me i can sort it out here).

Again, thank you ALL for all your help.

Happy mapping, happy trails, rubber side down between the ditches.

Sam Vekemans,
Across Canada Trails

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