[Talk-ca] Tagging "private" roads

Corey Burger corey.burger at gmail.com
Sat Sep 13 09:21:38 BST 2008

Here in Victoria (and I have seen there elsewhere), we have streets
which are public in the sense that there is no gate, but are actually
maintained by a private entity. About half of these are named, with
the statement "private road" underneath them on the streetsign. The
other large group are access to housing complexes and are usually not

The former kind can seen on de Sousa Lane and the latter on the 4383
Torquay Drive in the following map:

For the named type, I have been tagging them highway=residential (I
have yet to find a road that should be any other designation) with
private=yes. For the latter I either tag them service or residential
with the private=yes tag. The challenge is that there is the
access=private tag, which doesn't really fit, as it implies you need
owner permission, which for these types of streets you don't really

Anyway, a long rambling email at 1am. Any thoughts?


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