[Talk-ca] Fixing Albertan Places

simon at mungewell.org simon at mungewell.org
Tue Sep 23 16:08:42 BST 2008

Hi James,
Yes, the specialized municipalities cause some problems.... I checked in
the source listing and it should be (which won't produce a match, and
therefore no change to existing nodes):
  Sherwood Park (Urban Service Area) = Hamlet
  Fort McMurray (Urban Service Area) = Hamlet

With the municipalities on would expect that a way would be used to mark
the boundary, and this way would contain tags for the population.

Towns/Villages/Hamlets within a specialized municipality could have a
'population=refer to xxx' as a marker (until we really work out what to
do) and just place Town/Village/Hamlet node for name marking - the crime
of tagging for the renders I guess.

Crowsnest Pass also falls into this situation.


> Just a quick comment...
> I had a look at the attached file, and noticed that both Fort McMurray
> and Sherwood Park are designated as hamlets.
> Fort McMurray was a city before they changed the designation to a
> specialized municipality. Sherwood Park also carries the designation
> of specialized municipality.
> However in both cases, the specialized municipality designation covers
> the whole region. Fort McMurray becomes the Specialized Municipality
> of Wood Buffalo, and Sherwood Park becomes the Specialized
> Municipality of Strathcona.
> You still need to put a dot on the map at each "City" to show where
> they are though. What do you do in this instance? They are definitely
> not "hamlets" by the official designation, nor will any map renderer
> give a realistic representation of the size of the community.
> James

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