[Talk-ca] [montreal] Arches de la Petite Italie & Mapping Party

Nicolas Marchildon nicolas at marchildon.net
Fri Sep 26 05:19:33 BST 2008

Richard Weait a écrit :
> I don't know. How about
> highway=gate
> access=yes
> name=Petite Italie Neighbourhood

Thanks, I'll try that.

> How was the Montreal party? Sherbrooke, Hamilton and 
> Kitchener-Waterloo all did well.

I had a great time. We were five people at the meeting point Saturday 
morning. Two of us were by bicycle (Thibault and myself), one by feet 
(Daniel), and two were going to use one car (Michel and his wife). I 
covered about half of the Ahuntsic West zone I had assigned myself.

At about 1:30 PM I stopped at a drive-through with my bicycle (funny!) 
and ate my lunch in a random park I found. Then I headed back downtown 
to an other meeting point with Daniel and Thibault. We had two laptops 
and I first showed how JOSM works, then let both try it by themselves. 
Here's a photo Thibault took right before leaving:


The original plan was then to hang out in a bar, but we had other 
obligations and that's how it ended. Actually, it is not finished as I 
have just started entering my survey results into JOSM tonight. We were 
supposed to continue on Sunday, but nobody was available.

Here's the traces I've uploaded:


And here's the one from Thibault:


Both of us were by bicycle with a GPS, but I was recording a long audio 
track and he was taking pictures with a regular camera. Daniel was by 
foot and had a printed map of downtown Montreal. Unfortunately, the 
scale was too large and it was difficult for him to read back his notes. 
I hope he was able to get out most of it.

I took a snapshot of the streets-without-names rendering of the map 
before the party (http://flickr.com/photos/elecnix/2869451438/), and 
will take an other one when we are finished adding all our data.


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