[Talk-ca] Newbee questions...

Colin McGregor colin.mc151 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 03:57:59 BST 2008

Some newbee Open Street Map questions (sorry to the old timers here
who no doubt have heard this stuff before...),

Earlier this month I was in Perth ON, and I have tossed up material
based on what I collected with a very cheap GPS receiver from that
trip. I have run into small issues from the trip. like:

- In behind the Perth town hall is a bandstand, a roughly 20' across
octagon that raises a band maybe 3' above the ground, and provides a
roof in case of rain/snow. Okay, so how does one tag something like
that? For now I have used the "Arts Centre" tag, as it is a performing
arts location (of the most basic sort), but is there a better tag?

- How do you insert traffic lights into the maps. For Perth the two
key intersections with traffic lights (there are a few other not so
key intersections) are at Gore/Foster and Foster/Wilson...

- I have run into oddities with JOSM map editor, and managed by
accident to turn a small island into a roadway. A mistake I don't want
to repeat, so finding a tutorial on the use of JOSM would be nice...

- I have not directly uploaded the GPS tracks I collected on that trip
because most start and/or stop of a family member's driveway. I would
prefer not to make things PAINFULLY obvious as to where said person
lives. Is there a painless way to delete parts of a track?


Colin McGregor

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