[Talk-ca] What we dont know from GeoBase

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 04:42:58 GMT 2009

Hi all, I'll try to separate the ideas into separate discussions :)

We don't know:

1. Is GeoBase/GeoGratis going to make available the dataset so that it can
be shown as Nodes ONLY?

We need this because;
1.1 - thats how any updates can happen. ... it's like a bar-code for
everything that is imported, so we know how to deal with it.

1.2 For those areas of EXTREME osm coverage, is handy, because its easy to
spot where new mapping work is needed.

2. Re: Road Name/Numbers
Is geobase going to have all of the road names and numbers available for all
the provinces?  and when?

We need to know this because:
2.1 StatsCAN already has available, so it could be an option to grab the raw
data directly from there?
2.1.1 but does statsCAN also contain Road numbers?

2.2 For the issue of QUALITY data.  we know that it not possible to manually
copy the road numbers FROM geobase data TO osm data. ...
but... manually copying all the other features FROM osm data TO geobase
roads, is much easier.

3. Re: CanVec data
Then why has this dataset been created? ... why doesnt all the data which is
available ONLY on CanVec, just simply be merged into the GeoBase dataset?..

We need to know this because:
3.1 It makes it rather confusing when looking at the canvec data list, to
see the chart "included in geoabase = yes" ... but then we dont know, which
one is more accurate?  ... why even include it in the CanVec list?
3.2 It makes the referencing confusing, as it's a sub-reference which is
3.3 Will the next version of CanVec data, only include CanVec data? .. and
no GeoBase Data?

I think that should cover it so far, sorry if some questions have already
been answered (sometimes it takes a little while for facts to settle in).
 As we'd rather not be making decisions from assumptions.

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