[Talk-ca] types of merges (for an ideal world)

richard at weait.com richard at weait.com
Fri Jan 2 01:32:29 GMT 2009

In an ideal world, we would be able to snap our fingers and have Geobase
and other data sets merged into OSM in a magical way that allows future
updates, maintains community contributions, and fights climate change.  We
don't live in that ideal world, and snapping my fingers hasn't done the
job.  So it will probably need some code and elbow grease.

There are different types of things that we would like to merge.  Perhaps
some of them are easier than others?  Does it help the coders to list some
of these things?  Mostly I have questions, but here are some possible
categories of merges.

OSM ways with better / more data.  Some OSM ways have names in places
where Geobase has no street names.  We'd want to preserve the street

OSM data that has no Geobase equivalent.  Cycle paths, pedestrian paths
and boardwalks aren't in Geobase are they?  Hopefully we could hang on to
that data, even if we were to strip and replace the road data around it.

POI.  Does Geobase have pubs?  Think of the pubs.  Please think of the
pubs.  Can we save the pubs?  Granted, pubs may have the highest mapper
per address of any business, put still...  (oh, and hospitals too.  What

Relations.  Some relations are appearing for transit routes cycle routes
and lakes with islands, etc.  Is that something that we can save / merge?

Other categories or sub-categories?  Or is this worth pursuing?

Best regards,

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