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Thanks James,I guess you missed my last message (understanding the role
Ibycus can & could play), but thats OK.

I'm scatter-brained by nature, so i am thinking about all aspects of the
project at once.   I see the project as a complete project "The Across
Canada Trails Project" ... This includes the paper coil-bound mapbook &
wikiTravel GPS Guide, and web Slippy map.

I know that it's important to focus on 1 think at a time ... However, it's
far to easy to get caught-up in the smaller details (which ARE ALL
important).   We do have an unlimited supply of resources out their,  where
there are scores of people who (as a hobby are masters at what they do) are
all able to help. ... when asked the right questions. :)

So i just keep on asking questions, and report back to the talk-ca list, for
anyone to find and question if they want clarification :).  I just do the
bits a pieces that i know how, and make it known when there's going on, so
others can chime in if they can.


P.S. FYI There's a guy in Newfoundland taking his harley across canada ...

Pubs would be included in CanVec Building - ( Bâtiment )- 2010009 as a point
and area... and is type 24 described as "A residential, public, or
commercial building with a function
other than those listed herein. If the "Other" building is not
residential, public, or commercial, its size must be greater
than 10 meters X 10 meters. In the case of farm complexes,
such a building must be greater than 30 meters."
this item is not on GeoBase. ... but might be available :) .. at least it's
in the same type of database files.
type 24 is railway station.   FYI

You can download your local area and see. :)

(there are only 90 entity types, with each having a list sub classes. ...
all of which DO have a field stating on wether or not it's already in


I've added the slippy map links to the main GeoBase Import page (just
looking for the other locations). ... hope thats OK :)
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