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Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 00:59:05 GMT 2009

Sweet,Im happy that im familiar with the Hamilton 030M05 tile.  Specifactly
the top right corner, where the Ford plant is.  Specifacly the Oakville
DriveTest Center.

Im looking on Cornwall Road, where there is a bridge.
Although the OSM data is good, it isn't complete.

What i would like to mention is that one of the CanVec Features is the fact
that the buildings are also available as part of the the import.
And once we have the NHN sorted out, the river going under the bridge would
also be available.

The railway track which crosses Cornwall before ford drive is not listed on
Google maps, but is available, as it is feature 1020371 Other, standard,
operational, ground level, single - ( Autre, normal,
opérationnel, au sol, unique ) (probably) ..

The GeoBase/CanVec data shows the shopping center as the actual footprint of
the building, where the OSM user shows it as a rectangle. .. Both are
needed.. .. as the next level of detail would be to show where the parking
is, and then draw in the actual stores. ... Bicycle parking could be added
where it exists.

It's kind-of a catch 22, where the data available is far greater, and richer
in it's own sence, but then OSM is greater in the other sence.   ..... VERY
confusing :-)

 So overall, i really like this RoadMatcher program, as it will point out
the 'Majors' and leave the 'minors'.  So in this case, (of cornwall) both
OSM & GeoBase are needed, as when you go past Ford Drive on cornwall, that
whole area is a newish commercial zone (used to be a farm) so the roads have
been changed.

On another note:
I have the CanVec Feature catalogue now (mostly) re-organized from the PDF
manual into an organized spreadsheet.  I have it saved as a OpenOffice
spreadsheet, (the Google Doc's translation isn't as good as i had hoped.)

Each of the map features contains a unique 'Attribute Code (DBF file)' which
is the 1st column in the DBF file, (just waiting to hear back from
Michael Mepham,
regarding if the map features which are indicated showing its existance in
GeoBase is the entire set, or just portions.

I appears that only certain parts of the geobase sections are listed in
GeoBase, so i included the cross reference link back.

Im looking for feedback as to what column's to include. Here's an example.

GeoBase/CanVec Code | Key | Value | TYPE | Element | OSM Tag

1250030 | BS | Navigational aid | Unknown - ( Inconnu ) | POINT | ?

1250020 | BS | Navigational aid | Navigation light - ( Feu de navigation ) |

Hope that makes sense,



P.S. It appears that Steve Singer, Michel Gilbert & Jason Reid are the only
ones who actually knows how to physically DO the import & code scripting.
 Everyone else is contributing ideas.   Perhaps the 'who's working on it?'
section should be on the main GeoBase Import page?
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