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GeoBase doesn't.
"GeoBase" is a term we are using which describes the whole import of
Canadian government data from Natural Resources Canada. ... GeoGratis.ca
We should actually being calling this "GeoGratis Import" or "NRCan Import",
CanVec, GeoBase, GeoConnections ... are all portals of Natural Resources
Canada. ... all of which we have the license to import. :)

Railway lines are part of the Transportation section of CanVec. ..
#59- Railway - (Chemin de fer) 1020009 LINE Federal, narrow,
non-operational, unknown, unknown - ( Fédéral, étroit, non opérationnel,
inconnu, inconnu )
There are 75 or so possabile combinations, each with it's own unique ID
number. ... I just updated the wiki now to reflect it.

There are 7 columns in that chart, i just need to figure out the best way to
show it.

Did you get the link to the OpenOffice chart i made?

it shows the other 300 or so map features which are not part of the GeoBase
feature types.

BTW - runways are also included in the transportation set too :)


On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 7:01 PM, Richard Degelder <rtdegelder at gmail.com>wrote:

> Sam,
> Which GeoBase data set holds the railroad lines within Canada?
> Richard Degelder
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