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Sat Jan 10 00:42:12 GMT 2009

2009/1/9 SteveC <steve at asklater.com>:
> I really don't have time to do your homework for you, but maybe
> someone on talk-ca@ or newbies@ will help you.
> Best
> Steve
> On 6 Jan 2009, at 18:33, Nyaladzani Nkhwanana wrote:
>> Hi Steve,
>> My name is Nyaladzani Nkhwanana, a Masters student at the university
>> of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada. I am currently undertaking a
>> research (Thesis) on assessing credibility on volunteered geographic
>> information. Im interested in how openstreetmap works, e.g. The
>> trust algorithms you use ( I see you have classes of users,
>> administrators, to new users), I want to know how this rankings are
>> archieved.

We have nobody that specifically administers the data, we have server
administrators who handle the servers.

>> Also I am interested in how you validate the contributed data, who
>> has the final say and also how you get to ban users contributing
>> wrong information. Please if you can prepare this in a document that
>> will be great, thanks.

Those who know the area validate contributions, if there's nobody in
the area, the vandalism may go unnoticed. We essentially have no
methods for detection yet, but we've not yet particularly required
them - there have been a couple of examples in the UK, but both have
been spotted relatively quickly.
There's some quite interesting stuff in the mailing list archives -

There is no policy yet (as far as I know) for banning users. I'm
guessing it's handled on a case by case basis, I am also not aware for
account bans due to map vandalism, there have been some account
deletions of those that purposefully spam the user diaries though.

>> Basically I am a fan of OpenStreetMap work, Im a citizen of
>> Botswana, Southern Africa. If you can check it out you will find
>> that there is very little contributed there. As I complete my
>> studies end of this year I hope to be of assist for the benefit of
>> users back home.
>> --
>> Nyaladzani Jairo Nkhwanana
>> 807 Burden Street
>> Fredericton, NB
>> E3B 4C5
>> Canada
>> Home: (+1506) 455 0508
>> Office: (+1506) 447 3259
>> Mobile (+1506) 292 5214
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