[Talk-ca] Geobase Canadian Geopolitical Boundaries - take 2

Michel Gilbert michcasa at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 03:43:32 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I have been cleaning the mess I created when trying to delete the first
version of the Geopolitical Boundaries. My last 10 day contribution to osm
can be summarized as deleting manually thousands of useless nodes. I wish I
had access to the osm database to execute a simple sql query for retrieving
the useless node at once... Anyway I am ready to fire up my script to upload
the Geobase boundary, version 2. I limited to 500 the number of nodes per
way. I considered your suggestions for tags. The osm way boundaries will
have the following tags:

   - <way id="xxxxxxxx" action="modify" visible="true"
   - <tag k="created_by" v="FME-GeobaseBoundaries"/> (my FME script is not
   published. I consider to publish it when documented)
   - <tag k="boundary" v="administrative"/>
   - <tag k="admin_level" v="4"/>
   - <tag k="geobase:uuid" v="281"/>
   - <tag k="source" v="geobase"/>
   - <tag k="name" v="NUNAVUT"/>

Let me know if you have other suggestions. I'll start the upload tomorrow


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