[Talk-ca] road names

Steve Singer ssinger_pg at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 12 02:19:45 GMT 2009

I want to talk about road names.

The NRN has the following fields for road names

nrn:routeNameEnglish1 (along with 2-4)
nrn:routeNameFrench1 (along with 2-4)

I have only downloaded BC, Alberta and the Yukon and also Ontario, but 
apparently we don't name our streets here :)

In all three cases we get instances where the OfficialStreetName differs 
from the route name.

Some examples:
  rtename1en |   datasetnam    | l_stname_c
  Smiths Road           | Yukon Territory | Smith's Road
  Cousins Airstrip Road | Yukon Territory | Cousins Airfield Road
  Klondike Highway      | Yukon Territory | Front Street
  Hwy 22                              | British Columbia | Columbia Avenue
  TransCanada Highway                 | Alberta          | 16 Highway

In the Yukon they seem to use the route name as a holder for a slightly 
different name.

In BC and Alberta they seem to almost always only use rtename as a highway 

If they are both defined I think we should take


where we concat the multiple route names separated by ';'.
If the OfficialStreetName is - or None then we use the routeName1English, 
except in Quebec where we'd use the routeName1French=>name

Or if anyone has a better idea put it forward.

I'd be happy with something that works 80% of the time, anyone can always 
manually edit the tagging of individual roads after the import.


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