[Talk-ca] road names

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Tue Jan 13 00:13:05 GMT 2009

I think that we should avoid semi-colon concatenation where ever we can
avoid it.  

How about name, for the most common name?  

name=<varies by location> 

Are not parts of Ontario and New Brunswick predominantly francophone?  S
I'd say Quebec plus some other areas French, and the rest English.
Should all of Nunavut be Inuktitut by default?  I have seen local roads
on First Nations with street signs in Mohawk, I think.  

Trans Canada Highway sounds to me like an ideal nat_name, and we can
name space it.  So wouldn't our Yellowhead example work as:

nat_name=Trans-Canada Highway 
nat_name:fr=la Transcanadienne
nat_name:en=Trans-Canada Highway

Where Yellowhead Highway sounds like a regional name

reg_name=Yellowhead Highway 
reg_name:en=Yellowhead Highway

While the section through Edmonton is a local name.  

loc_name=Yellowhead Trail
loc_name:en=Yellowhead Trail


We should preserve the dataset too, so that local editors can improve
the data where possible.  So that we namespace the imported data:

geobase:rtename1en=<original data>
geobase:rtename2en=<original data>
geobase:rtename3en=<original data>
geobase:rtename4en=<original data>

and then convert and import like so to take the best guess for a
"default" name:en

name:en=rtename1en<original data>
alt_name:en=rtename2en; rtename3en; rtename4en

Similar for the name:fr series

then copy either the geobase:rtename1en or geobase:rtename1fr as the

name=rtename1{en/fr/iu depending on locale}

Same for the ref tags.  Numbered route (up to 5 numbers possible)
rtnumber1, rtnumber2, rtnumber3, rtnumber4, rtnumber5

geobase:rtnumber1=<original data> 
geobase:rtnumber2=<original data> 
geobase:rtnumber3=<original data> 
geobase:rtnumber4=<original data> 
geobase:rtnumber5=<original data>

alt_ref=rtnumber2; rtnumber3; rtnumber4; rtnumber5

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