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Steve Singer ssinger_pg at sympatico.ca
Tue Jan 13 04:03:10 GMT 2009

On Mon, 12 Jan 2009, Richard Weait wrote:

> I think that we should avoid semi-colon concatenation where ever we can
> avoid it.
> How about name, for the most common name?
> name=<varies by location>
> name:fr=<French>
> name:en=<English>
> name:iu=<Inuktitut>
> name:mow=<Mohawk>
> etc.
> Are not parts of Ontario and New Brunswick predominantly francophone?  S
> I'd say Quebec plus some other areas French, and the rest English.
> Should all of Nunavut be Inuktitut by default?  I have seen local roads
> on First Nations with street signs in Mohawk, I think.

But do any parts of Ontario or New Brunswick include french street names in 
the NRN dataset (currently they don't include streetnames in either language 
...) and how do we decide which areas get french vs english (local mappers 
are always free to customize after the import)

Having Mohawk street names included in OSM would be great but I can't invent 
the data. If it's not in the NRN I can't import the data.  After the import 
Inuktitut speakers should feel free to translate & tag roadnames.

> Trans Canada Highway sounds to me like an ideal nat_name, and we can
> name space it.  So wouldn't our Yellowhead example work as:
> nat_name=Trans-Canada Highway
> nat_name:fr=la Transcanadienne

Would we take all of the rtename1en tags and move them to nat_name or just 
search for 'Trans Canada Highway'?  If so are there any other highways we'd 
set up as nat_name?

> nat_name:en=Trans-Canada Highway

In the Alberta dataset the french version of the Transcanada is "Route 
Transcanadienne" but in the BC dataset it is "Autoroute Transcanadienne"
would we standardize on a single  name? (I'm inclined to even if Geobase 

> Where Yellowhead Highway sounds like a regional name
> reg_name=Yellowhead Highway
> reg_name:fr=
> reg_name:en=Yellowhead Highway


> While the section through Edmonton is a local name.
> loc_name=Yellowhead Trail
> loc_name:fr=
> loc_name:en=Yellowhead Trail

and rtename3=>loc_name ?

> See:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-Canada_Highway
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Bilingual_street_names
> We should preserve the dataset too, so that local editors can improve
> the data where possible.  So that we namespace the imported data:
> geobase:rtename1en=<original data>
> geobase:rtename2en=<original data>
> geobase:rtename3en=<original data>
> geobase:rtename4en=<original data>

This is probably worth the space, especially since they tend to only be 
defined for the larger roads.  Though, I wouldn't want to replicate the 
geobase tags in a namespace.

> and then convert and import like so to take the best guess for a
> "default" name:en
> name:en=rtename1en<original data>

Why rtename1 vs right_OfficialStreetNameConcat?

> alt_name:en=rtename2en; rtename3en; rtename4en
> Similar for the name:fr series
> then copy either the geobase:rtename1en or geobase:rtename1fr as the
> default
> name=rtename1{en/fr/iu depending on locale}
> Same for the ref tags.  Numbered route (up to 5 numbers possible)
> rtnumber1, rtnumber2, rtnumber3, rtnumber4, rtnumber5
> geobase:rtnumber1=<original data>
> geobase:rtnumber2=<original data>
> geobase:rtnumber3=<original data>
> geobase:rtnumber4=<original data>
> geobase:rtnumber5=<original data>
> ref=rtnumber1
> alt_ref=rtnumber2; rtnumber3; rtnumber4; rtnumber5
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