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Sat Jan 17 23:27:09 GMT 2009

I didn't find parks in the set.... :(
But i did see a good page from geogratis that shows a breakdown of all the
types of data that's worth looking at.

I have all the things that go in a park, campgrounds, lookouts, picknick
areas.... it says at the bottom under themes
Theme Keyword: Earth Science > Land Surface > Land Use/Land Cover
So it got to be there somewhere....


On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 2:01 PM, Sam Vekemans
<acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> yes, parks ARE (most likely) part of the CanVec  (geogratis, NRCan)
> data set -and YES it can be loaded.
> It is part of the 300 map features that i am going through (91 types -
> in 11 groups)
> last night i finished making the 11 charts so we can debate on how to
> tag each feature.
> I'm about half way through the 1st type (buildings & structures)
> -i matched osm tags with things like (fire stations, parliment
> buildings, sports arenas, fences, community centers, hospitals, etc.)
> anyway, on tuesday 6pm PST, im going to try again for a video
> conference; depending on who shows up, i'll be able to get people upto
> speed and (hopefully) get a todo list going. -i'll pass the link on
> another message.
> And yes, because CanVec is no where near being as accurate as the
> source, my bets is that the Yukon Parks has'nt sent the latest to
> Geogratis for it to update the canvec set.
> Since you mentioned it, i'll dig through the data, and match it with
> the right OSM tag.
> cheers,
> Sam Vekemans
> Across Canada Trails
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