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If you are planning to load the National Hydrographic Network (NHN) data
from GeoBase into OSM please be aware that the data is NOT distributed
on a map sheet basis, like the road network.  The NHN data is
distributed on a watershed basis and I recommend that, if possible, you
keep the watersheds intact during a load.  This will greatly minimise
the number of junctions you will need to manage given that, by
definition, hydrographic features do not cross watershed boundaries,
except at the entrance and exist for the watershed.  An index map of the
watersheds is available at


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I might be able to help (or confuse) :)


By taking the converted gov'nt data shape files (as a ready OSM file)

and slice it into 16 squares, then compare each square to the existing

OSM data square, and only those squares that have no 'natural=water &

similar tags' you would import the data. Then square it off again and

import the 'no OSM Data areas'.

So then your left with only a few small squares that need to be traced.


Does this make sence?



Sam Vekemans

Across Canada Trails



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