[Talk-ca] NRN Geobase Import - My next contribution

Michel Gilbert michcasa at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 22:34:46 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I am sure that I missed some talks about the import so I hope I don't
overwrite taken decisions. Anyway, let explain what I have been doing
recently. You know my biais for FME, so you won't be surprised that my work
is based on it. I divided the NRN Geobase import in 3 applications:

1- Nrn2Osm

This application transforms NRN Geobase data into OSM nodes and ways with
appropriate tags. This application will work by bounding box (passed as
parameters). It could be run in areas where no osm data exist or it could be
the first step of a process when DataMatcher is required because the output
of this application will become the input of the Matcher app.

The tagging is based on the current work available on the
Steve's work in Fort McMurray area. The only tag I did not use from
Steve job is the 'attribution'. It seems to be redundant with the source tag
(to be discussed). I will expect some changes as new cases will show up, but
I have a first version working. I generated an osm file for Tofino area for
viewing. To download the Tofino osm
(btw to we have a commun place to share files)

I'll publish the FME workbench if the results are satisfied. So people who
have FME licence can use it.

2- GetExistingOsm

The second application extracts osm data using the method map of the OSM
API. The FME takes the bounding box parameters, then makes the request to
the osm server and saves the data as an osm file. By itself this application
is not very usefull since you can get the data from JOSM or from the OSM
Extract function. For batch or automated processes it will be usefull to use
it to extract existing data.

I'll publish the FME workbench if the results are satisfied. So people who
have FME licence can use it.

3- OsmDataMatcher

This application compares existing osm data with "new' data provided in osm
data, then returns a combined new osm file ready for uploading. In my case,
I have the input available from my previous applications. I have not done
any matcher yet. My plan is not to develop one. I would like to find an
existing one that can make the job. Steve Road matcher may be adjusted to
read as input osm format. If not, there are more than 80 000 osm users.

Let's keep on going,

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